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Play is such an integral part of childhood, bringing children joy, helping them learn and often giving them the strength they need to recover from stressful situations.  However, significant cost and time barriers make it difficult for the families of children with physical disabilities to provide the same play and leisure opportunities to their children." 

Our mission is to help children with physically disabilities gain better access to play and leisure activities, so that they too can experience the benefits of play.  Your support will help us make a difference in the lives of children with physical disabilities. 


Here are a few ways in which your support will help…

  • Motivate a child to stretch and reach for their new mirror and bead maze wall toy, teaching them that therapy can be fun!

  • Bring joy to a child with adapted crayons that allow her to color for the very first time on her own.

  • Help children experience the joy of Christmas and quality time with Santa, without any exhausting lines to wait in.

  • Bring a smile to the face of a child who has never had a chance to bounce and play on a trampoline.

  • Allow children with physical disabilities to play alongside their siblings, participating in activities with them that they have never had a chance to do before. 

  • Teach parents and caregivers about available toy options and allow children with physical disabilities to try different accessible toys to see which ones work for them.

Your support makes this and so much more possible!  Help us give kids the childhood they deserve!    

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